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Several visitors donated valuable machines through the years and now the museum proudly displays almost  430 different types of reel to reel tape recorders made by over 160 companies, from 21 countries. Some especial and interesting machines can be seen here! We believe, that the Museum in Tereny is


  • Different types of reel to reel tape recorders can be seen in the show-room (it has no casette recorder, it has only open-reel tape recorders), and all machines are at work. So, this is a "living museum".
  • The visitors can listen to music in tape recorders from that year, in which year the tape recorder has made.
  • Also, there are 12 wire recorders, of course, there are at work too.
  • Reel to reel tape recorders has made in 21 countries, in the world. In the museum can be found machines from all this countries.
  • The Museum also has a significant sound, microphone, recorder head and technical literature collection.
  • The Museum  also  presenting the history of sound recording from Edison's Phonograph through samples of early magnetic discs and wire recorders to the last and most developed reel to reel tape recorders.
  • There are 6 tape recorders in the museum, has made in only 1 piece in the world. These are proto types.

It takes significant effort from the Owner to keep all these machines  in working order (some of them are older than him). The visitors are personally guided by the Owner through the Museum and the tour ends with the introduction of the most sophisticated professional machines of the studios. 

Last years the museum has visited by a lot of experts too. For example, constructors of Grundig and Telefunken from Germany, and the chairman of the Ampex Co., Mr. Robert L. Atchison, from USA. There were visitors from 8 countries.

There is a book: "The History of the Fabrication of Tape Recorders in Hungary" -written by Vilmos Nagy, the owner of the museum. The book is out in January of 2010. Sorry to say, but you can read it only in Hungarian language yet.

There is the intention: a book is about all the machines in the museum, of course, with pictures, in English, in German and in Hungarian language.

There was the fourth Oldtimer Expo in Budapest, in April of 2010. (You can see the pictures, click here! )